Thursday, March 18, 2010

Products I would REALLY Like to see !!

Below are several products I would really enjoy seeing as available on store shelves OR to come with a product when purchased !

These are NOT my original ideas , but have been gleaned from Various areas of the world !

Read and Enjoy ! I SURE DID !

The First Item I would Need Several To Help My Day . Hmmm wonder if they come for dogs TO ?


Hmmmmmmmmmm OHHHHH SASSY MILK MAID !! Maybe if she drinks this she remember to say hello ROFLMAO !

I like This One !

Maybe Would Help Willow Witch Deal with Troublesome People ? Ummmmmmmm Just a Thunk . lolol Actually I coulda used these SEVERAL times !

And Last but CERTAINLY NOT least .

In The Favor of TRUTH in ADVERTISING LAWS , I believe the following should be posted in a inconspicuous area , maybe the tookis region for a mans welfare and Happiness in Life !!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010


OK I am gonna vent a little here and I KNOW someone isn't gonna agree , but I DON'T CARE !

OK So Toyota is having troubles with their cars accelerator system . It seems that they just take off and wont slow down. OK THIS NEEDS FIXED !! And I guess there are some fatalities that have taken place due to this and THAT is UNACCEPTABLE . I don't want ANYONE to think or feel I'm making light of the situation , I'm not .

This is extremely serious .

HOWEVER , Part of the problem is that PEOPLE in general have gotten to the point that all they know about their vehicles is , GAS / BRAKE / And POINT where ya wanna go !

And that is a MAJOR problem .

Here is my Point , I read about a person going down road and its running at high rate of speed and wont slow down. The cop pulls up beside him and yells pull emergency brake and put foot on brake at same time . Thereby burning up the brakes in mean time !

NOW , did it ever cross any ones mind to just " PUT IT IN NEUTRAL" !!!


Even a blown engine is better than wrecking , so you put in neutral and wait till it stops then turn off ignition !

The point is people DON'T know there cars and therefore PANIC . And PART of the reason is because in the Schools have decided that Sports are more important than shop class !

As A Kid Growing up , I could change my oil , change a tire , and various other basic things by 15 . By the time I graduated from High school I had been through a shop class and had COMPLETELY REBUILT AN ENGINE ! But Hey I'm old school I guess .

Guess my point is that there is a whole world of things people NEED to know about driving not just point and drive . LEARN about the potentially deadly thing your setting in !

Parents , MAKE YOUR KIDS LEARN TO ! Go With Them , THAT QUALITY time could just save YOUR and THEIR Lives !

So do me a favor people , If all you wanna do is , Gas / Brake / Point . Please don't point it at me !

Don't Like My Opinion ? I Don't Care , Its My SandBox I'll Pee In It If I Want To !!