Thursday, October 16, 2008


The Rotten MilkMaid Has Seen To It In Her Infinate (dubious) Wisdom To Tag Me !



1. What were you doing 10 yrs ago?
I was Sitting Through a Lamaz Class watching the look on my Wifiepoos face when they showed her the videos about what was about to happen ! She Looked at Me and Looked Down and Said , I WILL KILL U !

2. 5 Things to do on my list today ?
( a ) Wake up
( b ) Scratch
( c ) Cuddle wifiepoo & Shortleggs
( d ) Open Coffeeshop
( e ) Harrass the sassy waitress who never seems to be at work on time cause she is always to busy making pictures at the zoo and telling everybody how wonderfull the milkman is !

3. Favorite Snack
Would have to say Little Pecan Pies

4. If I Were A Millionaire
I would spend vast amounts of Money trying to hide from all the COUSINS that would come crawling outa the woodwork wanting a hand out ! AND id be on a beach somewhere drinking a drink with a lil umbrella stickin outa the top and watchin the Punkins Jiggle by !

5. Places Ive Lived
Up North and Down South
( Souths Better , way to cold up there )
( of course the cold does tend to make Punkin Stems Harder )

6. Tag 5 people
( a ) Him
( b ) Her
( c ) Them
( d ) and the Other Guy

So There ya sassy MilkMaid !!!! LOLOLOL

Friday, October 3, 2008


Now , before I get started , let me FIRST say . I am not discussing Politics here ! I don't discuss Politics Or Religion on this blog.

What I am Talking about is Economics.

I am all for helping the economy get back on its feet , and if the bailout is the way to go then okay.


I am not for people walking away from this with large sums of cash on hand.


I own a business , and once in my life i did have to file Bankruptcy .

When THAT happened , I lost EVERYTHING

I walked away with the clothes on my back basically.

Now , any company that files Bankruptcy will basically deal with the same outcome , as John Q Public , we don't get bailouts .

SO , If we are going to pay to have this bailout , why are the BIG BOYS who caused this mess walking away with large sums of cash.

Basically what has happened here is WALL STREET COMPANY'S are BANKRUPT.

The Pecker woods who are behind this mess SHOULD lose everything they have ! JUST LIKE JOHN Q PUBLIC would.

I know this is a basic look at the situation , and that there are dissenting ideas. However that's the point of a blog.

Make me feel better , lets see some of the WALL STREET BIG BOYS losing everything they have to help finance this and let me see some of THEM saying " You want fries with that " and stop giving large sums of money to the SAME people who created this mess!!

THAT would make me feel better about digging deeper in MY pockets

You may not like my opinion, But I don't care ! Its my sandbox and I'll pee in it if I want