Thursday, August 25, 2011


Jeremy Hill of Idaho is facing a trial, after he shot and killed a grizzly bear that came into his yard.

Hill claims that he came into the yard where his children were playing to find three grizzly bears had entered the property. He shot one of the bears, killing it and scaring the others away.

Hill reported the incident to the state authorities, who did not express concern. But federal authorities have charged Hill with killing an endangered species.

The case has stoked passions has attracted many supporters, including Idaho's republican governor Butch Otter. If convicted, Hill could face a year in prison or a $50,000 fine.

Hill's trial is scheduled to begin on October 4th.

If A offending animal kills someone , after that happens they will go hunt it down and kill it so it doesnt kill again ! BUTTTTT GODDD FORBIDD that a parent kills it to SAVE that life !!

REALLY ??? Is the Government that Daft ?? I would have dropped that bear in a heart beat as well . SHEEESSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHH !!!