Wednesday, October 27, 2010

???? HUH ?????

A convicted killer was put to death by injection in Arizona after the U.S. Supreme Court lifted a restraining order that questioned the safety of a foreign-made drug used in the execution.

The first of three drugs administered to Jeffrey Landrigan during the execution was sodium thiopental, a sedative that's in short supply in the U.S. because of raw material problems with its sole American manufacturer. Arizona said Tuesday it got a new supply of the drug from Britain, but Landrigan's lawyers challenged that in court because federal inspectors haven't approved any of the drug's overseas manufacturers.


I'm Not Taking sides here , this isn't about pro or con death penalty.

I'm thinking about the ludicrous statement . Arizona shouldn't use a drug to KILL someone cause it isn't proven SAFE ??

If its being used to KILL SOMEONE how would ANY drug be SAFE !!

Whats next ?? UMMMMMMMMMMMM The military cant execute by firing squad cause the Bullets arent proved SAFE ?

I'm sorry , I'm really NOT trying to make light of the situation , a man was put to death. However , under the current laws he paid for his crime .

Our Prisons are full because TO OFTEN the criminal gets to use stuff like whats above to skirt the system . I would say this time , based on current laws , it worked out RIGHT

You may not agree with my Opinion , but its my sandbox I'll pee in it if I want to