Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Welcome to My Little Home Town

Welcome To Carmi , Illinois . What your looking at here is as of Sunday now Closed for traffic . The water reached approx 24" deep shortly after these pics were taken . To get to the restaurant across town , 1 mile away from my house requires a 20 mile drive sooooooooooooooooooooooooo we are not eating out LOL

As you look at the picture below , you can see a building behind the gas pumps . It as of Monday morning has 17" of water inside .

Town is accessible from the south only . The picture below shows one end of a road as it comes into town . The picture below this one is the other end of the road approx 13 miles away .

The other end of the road pictured below is a road that is Built on a raised road bed , kinda like a dam . Its approx 12 feet above the fields , As you can see its about 3 feet over the road that makes the corn field approx 15 feet deep with water at this point .

YES that is corn fields NOT a lake .

There is sooooooooo much water , the field has waves LOL

As I look at these pictures and think about all that we have here , I am grateful that we were spared what many south of us in Tennessee Alabama Kentucky and other places got . I can live with a little water .