Wednesday, July 4, 2007

What A Tragedy !!

Kansas Shoppers Step Over Dying Woman ??

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I find it so hard to believe that people can be so callous to others suffering. It is appalling that people have so little care for others that they see in difficult situations.

I DO Believe that part of the problem is due to the Violence we see so prevalent on Television and the Movies as well as the Video Games we see being sold in abundance in today's society.

We can try and kid ourselves all we want to, the fact remains , Violence viewed as entertainment is jading people to the suffering going on around them. The more we allow this type of thinking to rule our society , the more we will see this type of behavior from the world around us.

Are not the individuals who Ignored the woman in this instance , JUST AS GUILTY of her death , as the ones who committed the crime ?

Ignoring a crime, should be punishable !!
When we allow something like this to happen and we do nothing about it , are we not tacitly approving the actions of the criminal ??
The Individuals who ignored this poor woman , and you know who you are, should be Horse Whipped !!

You may not like my opinion, But I don't Care !! Its my sandbox and I will Pee in it if I want to !!