Friday, December 17, 2010

HUH ?? Turn Signal ! HUH??

OK I guess I am a felon now . LOLOL I was pulled over today and given a written warning .

Kinda went like this .

"Make a right hand turn" " Look behind me and see red lights"

OK , whats up with this . I pulled over and took out my wallet and insurance card, watching people watch me as I sit there waiting for this Police Officer to walk up to my car .

He approached my car , looked me over and said " SIR do you know why I stopped you ?

Now I know we have all heard these words before , and sometimes a person has the urge to give a smart @$$ answer like " Yes , but sorry , I'm married ! " Any way I bit my tongue and said . NO I don't think I did anything wrong Officer .

Now in this fellas defence , I don't want anyone to think he was being rude , he was quite civil , he smiled and was polite enough so he wasn't being a Jackwagon .

He did then look me in the eye and said and I quote ! " You failed to use your turn signal at that last turn"

NOW I wanted to be a Smart @$$ . I guess I looked Dumbfounded . Immediately , I thought about all the murders , Bank Robbery's , Kidnappings , Meth Producers , Dirty Politicans Etc: that are going down as we speak , and we are taking 20 min out of both of our days because of a turn signal ?

I looked him in the eye and said " Your Kidding Right"? He Proudly said NOPE !

I sat there thinking of all the obvious things that I appreciate my tax monies being spent on , Positive things . And I donate several dollars to various law enforcement agencies each year .

So this isn't about anti police , I'm all for them , play golf with several . Have friends on the force !


OK !! He came back to my vehicle and handed me a "warning ticket " And I DO appreciate that , my 20 yr run without a ticket fine is still intact . However !

Was that REALLY A NECESSARY 20 minutes of my life ?

OK Ill get off the soapbox . And I will continue to support the local law enforcement !

Hows about we get a lil more realistic about why people are pulled over , ok?

The Turn Signal Kid Signing Off !!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

New Project

I have a new Project at Please stop in and have a looksee !