Sunday, June 17, 2007

We Live In A " Throw Away " Society

We live in a world today that is very much a "THROW AWAY" Society. People don't seem to have , or place, value in things like they used to. Oh they do place value in HAVING things , but it does not seem that they place value in the things they have.

For Example , The world of commerce would have us think that something is of no value now because the "NEWER VERSION " is now available. If you purchase a computer , within 6 months , it is obsolete. Does not matter whether it still works perfectly or not !

How many times have you purchased the " NEWER / BETTER " computer program only to find out it isn't half what the old one was , or doesn't seem to work right ? But Hey !!!! I got the NEW one !

A new car , why does it seem to be the idea that we HAVE to have the new Car, Just because the new line has come out ? The old one works just fine.....

And I have seen the Commercials that are focused at our children, If I were so inclined , I would be purchasing the " Newest / Better " sports shoes for my kids every other week !

But if you tell people That those things are not a priority in your life they think you are nuts ... as though "Having the Newest " Things are what its all about !

Now we come to the Reason for this post ... I was recently accosted by a Movie / Show Promotion that has taken " THROW AWAY " to the ultimate level .

The Movie / Show is

And I am sure people are going to say , its a comedy, or it isn't real , or some mundane thing like that. But as far as I am concerned , it is EXACTLY part of what is wrong in society today. Why would I want to be entertained by this idea ? We have come to the point in our culture that now " MARRIAGE " is a throw away ?

Now I do not wish to belittle the efforts of the cast of that movie, nor am I saying people should avoid it. What I am saying is the very premise of that , is part of the underlying problem we see in the world today. Well over HALF of Marriages end in Divorce. This is a cold hard fact. And Yet we are allowing ourselves to be ........Wait ...... We are going to the Theaters and PAYING a lot of money to be entertained by these ideas.
If this is true then I really am concerned about the direction that we are headed as a society.

You may not like my opinion, But I don't Care !! Its my sandbox and I'll Pee in it if I want to !!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Enough Already !!

I have been listening to the media going nuts over the Paris Hilton Saga long enough. Its not that I want to be listening to it, but its everywhere. You cant seem to get away from it.
Well Now its time for me to chime in. I want to express right away that -
However , I do believe that there is a MAJOR difference between Abuse and Discipline.
I was raised by strict parents who would not think twice about laying down the law with a switch, belt, paddle, If it were warranted. And believe me it was warranted on occasion.
Neither myself or my siblings were abused in any way form or fashion. BUT WE DID LEARN MANNERS AND RESPECT FOR OURSELVES AND OTHERS !!

I have to believe that the attitudes and actions of someone like the various little girls .... And I do mean LITTLE GIRLS that we see plastered all over our screens are a direct result of lack of discipline. We are told that we cannot discipline our children anymore and the Prisons are running over with people.
We are told that schools cannot discipline children anymore and we have schools out of control and Shootings on a regular basis anymore !!
And now she is saying its the ADD .
The world is full of people dealing with various problems everyday who are not on the news crying like spoiled brats because life is so hard !!

Sorry Paris!! The only thing wrong here is that you and some of your friends have never felt the business end of a belt!! Grow up and stop wasting our time with your petty whining !!
I would almost rather watch Reality shows that have to see this Garbage all the time, and you all know how I feel about Reality Shows !!

Don't Like My Opinion ? I don't care !! Its my sandbox and I'll pee in it if i want to !!