Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lets Talk Olympics !

I have been watching some of the Olympic Coverage , as most have . There are several areas that I really enjoy and several areas that really frost my shorts !

First of all I would like to express my sadness in the loss of an athlete in such a manner . No one should be put into a position that they are facing such danger to compete in a sport . Several people have been injured in these games , some serious some not so much. However its my feeling that the Olympic committee should be addressing the safety of such sports BEFORE the people are put into that situation.

Secondly , I am of the opinion that the Committee is TO concerned about the overall thought of how does the athletes behavior reflect on the games . So the Canadian women smoke Cigars !! Big Hairy Flipping deal !! Get over it ! BE A LITTLE MORE CONCERNED WITH POINT #1

Third, I have always been against the idea of professionals being part of the Olympics . There used to be a time when the AMATURE'S were the ones who represented their respective homes . And Guess What FEWER PEOPLE GOT KILLED AND HURT !! Do you know why ?
Because they didn't have to push the boundaries of safety and make it faster and harder.
( SEE POINT # 1 )

Fourth , Lets have more " Games Oriented " Olympics . They have become much like the Professional games we see all the time . I wanna see the athletes Playing Not listen to all the Commentators explaining to me what I just saw ! I'M NOT AN IDIOT ! I SAW IT ! I DON'T NEED YOUR EXPLANATION !! Which takes us back to point #2. IF the athletes mess up , less will be thought about it if YOU NEWS PEOPLE SHUT UP AND DON'T TALK ABOUT IT ! That way maybe the committee can focus more on the REAL concerns !

I don't want people to think I'm am against the Olympics , I love watching the games . Some of the best performances Ive ever seen have taken place . That's just the point , that's what we want to see . There are SOOOOOOOO many excellent athletes that compete and do a wonderful job of representation , lets focus on that and leave the other stuff out.

Make a concerted effort to make sure that ANYTHING we see is the GOOD stuff , Positive .

My hats off to all the competitors , win or lose they have done their best and have been able to represent their homes . THAT is winning ! And I believe that they ALL should be able to take home a trophy for their efforts ! Maybe a ring that shows there involvement !

All in all I have been VERY pleased with what Ive seen , the abilities of these people is just awesome . ALL should be applauded and praised for their ability and effort !


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Budweiser Offers NEW Diet Beer !!!

The CoffeeMan Can Officially Die A Happy Man . His Wildest Dreams Have Been Realized . Right Along With The Epic Inventions Of The Thong And Viagra !!

The Beer making Rulers Of The World Have seen It In There Infinite Wisdom To Make A Beer Especially For Guys Like Me !

I Think I Have Bro-mance Going Here .

*wipes tear from my eye *

This Is A day To Be Remembered Into The Vastness Of the History Books :

Read About It here !

With mountains of deep-fried chicken wings and enough guacamole to turn you green, the Super Bowl is the day when diets die a cholesterol-choked death.

But while your waist may balloon, who says you need to sport a matching beer belly too? This week marks the release of
Anheuser-Busch's Select 55, a light beer that's barely more caloric -- and flavorful -- than water.

Clocking in at a slender 55 calories and 1.9 grams of carb's per 12-ounce bottle, Select is the self-professed "world's lightest beer," a statement that's as enticing as "the world's tastiest rice cake."

WELL FOLKS !! The Week has turned around and the sky is blue the birds are chirping and the Coffeemans Life has become worth Living .

Seeeeeeeeeeeeee Ya at the Beer barn !!