Monday, April 9, 2012

The Masters

I watched the 73rd Masters Golf Tournament yesterday in its entirety . There were several great shots , some beautiful putting and all around it was a great game .
I was not rooting for Bubba Watson , However after that shot out of the trees on the final playoff hole , he deserved that win hands down .
That was an amazing shot and will be seen over and over again for years to come .

The double eagle on 2 was a sight to behold as well , that couldn't have been any better . It great to see the Class and poise of great golfers when a game is played like this masters was . I loved it and would watch it again Even knowing the result.

What I am the MOST happy about is that Tiger Woods got his ass handed to him !

I used to be a fan of Tiger , Don't dislike the man . However I am really tired of his "seeming" Attitude of being the best golfer and his antics on the course . What took place this weekend was uncalled for and very Immature in my view. Tiger grow up !

You have a talent , but its gone to your head . I wouldn't pay to watch you do anything at this point . Turn your life around and start being the professional golfer your capable of being and leave the childish antics at home .

Great Job BUBBA WATSON . You won and deserved the accolades and the Jacket . You played like a Professional and handled yourself as such . I look forward to watching and rooting for you in future events !

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